Friday, 28 October 2011

Right amount of Beyghairat

I just can't get enough of the song Aalu Andey by Beyghairat Brigade - and the video! I think I played it about fifty times at work (I had secretly vowed to learn all of the lyrics by time out and I think I might have it down) Anyway, this band's awesome. And very Lahori. That much is obvious just by looking at them - particularly the vocalist, Ali. He has that strong Lahori jaw if you will. And then when you listen to the song, the punjabi accent is very Lahori - different from the Islamabadi punjabis.

As much as I like the song, I love the video and especially Ali's expressions! It's just one of those things that you keep looking at - seriously his expressions are hilarious. Anyway, today I saw a footage of the band being interviewed by Dawn and what I didn't understand was why Ali feels he has to say, "Trust me, we don't believe in half of the things we have said - it's just that rhyme bhi to kerna hota hai gana"

Dude you guys made a point with a rebellious, bad ass attidude and an extremely hard hitting, explosive song  and it's doing what it's supposed to do; get a laugh out of everyone (everyone except the people they bashed in the song of course.) Just don't ruin it by acting like you're scared of what other people or what the media or critics will say. Don't wuss out. I mean hello?! they landed an article on page 2 in today's Dawn! So the video's working. BB now needs to stick to what they said in the song - they have a point of view and they put it out there in a way that's making most of the youth like and support them so I don't really see why they're going all politically correct on everyone's ass now.

Check the video out here:

Sunday, 16 October 2011

I'm in the business of misery

I really can't express enough how much I love Hayley Williams of Paramore. Thank God for Paramore! Looking at the shit that the music industry is churning out these days - really it's nice to know there's some talent still left. Paramore reminds me of the earlier No doubt - before Gwen Steffani decided to become a sell out whore and ruin 'Doubt single handedly (oh how I miss Tragic Kingdom and Return of Saturn!) Anyway, Hayley's just awesome (God I wish I had her flaming orange hair!) In my opinion Paramore is still underrated! I mean seriously, why the fuck are people like Nikki-candy-floss-hair-Minaj on the charts anyway?! Someone choke her by stuffing her own fake eye lashes down her throat please. Or Pitbull - the name alone should make you want to slap the shit out of someone. You wanna name a band or you want a cool name for ffs sake don't call yourself 'Pitbull'

So if you've never heard of Paramore or if you've heard some shit but aren't really convinced - well then you know what you are. That's right. A douche. There's a particular sequence you need to follow when listening to new music - you can't just randomly pick up a song and listen to it. You won't learn a thing. That's not how discovering a band works.

Start with

1) Decode - Particularly the Green room version to experience the real power of Paramore She's barely - what? 17, 18 years old here! This version is one of my absolute favorites - even if it's about a gay vampire. She'll make you love him - she's THAT good

2) When It Rains - kay, one of the best rain songs (after Fleetwood Mac's Dreams and Garbage's I'm Only Happy When It Rains)- specially this live version. It's probably not one of their bigger songs but I love it so much - hits a chord. And her Little Mermaid tee is adorable.

3) Crushcrushcrush - I'm feeling a little mellow/emo with the songs i listed on top. Anyway, this is more upbeat and how stupid I can't find the official music video on youtube (love the video for this song) Stupid. Check this out anyway, it's just as good:

4) All I wanted -  listen to 2:40 - 2:46. Enough said.

5) The Only Exception -

Start with these and then slowly move on. They have some awesome covers that are worth checking out like Use Somebody by Kings of Leon and Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2.

I've given up hope that one day all these rappers will be stoned to death in public. Instead I'm going to focus more on the awesomeness that is Paramore. It would serve you right to do the same.

U two on my mind.

Sometimes I seriously thank God for rock n roll - wait, is that somehow contradictory? Maybe. Anyway, when I'm sick and tired of dealing with the douche bags of the world or any other form of bullshit - there's always music at the end of the day. Right now, I'm listening to U2 - it's that performance Bono and Edge did to support the Clinton Foundation. It's a set of all their hit songs and "songs that should've been a hit" in the words of Bono himself. Hah! Gotta love the rockstar! If you're a U2 fan, you really need to 'tube this right now - it'll make you love U2 all over again and put a smile on your face. I'll save you the trouble and link it here:

Put this on play and go about your work - seriously it is SUCH a good feeling and there are very few things in life that make me feel good. Wouldn't it be so cool if we only needed music to make us happy? As much as I'd like to believe that, sadly music isn't the only that we need to make us feel good - but it is definitely up there on the top of the list.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

It's been a long, tiring night and my eyes burn from the lack of sleep. This is what happens when you sit and piss the night away listening to rock n roll with a friend and talk about a whole lot of crap. Nothing's really making sense right now, I should probably sleep but I'm sitting here going over the music I'm supposed to be giving to a friend. It's actually a CD with a whole bunch of stuff that he probably hasn't heard. Just for laughs, my friend and I decided to add a few Disney songs like Gaston, Les Poisons and Part of Your World from the Little Mermaid (just to see the expression on his face when this booms from the speakers of his car) Don't get me wrong Disney's awesome. Not the new Disney with all this Hannah Montannah crap that's ruining every ten year old's childhood but the old Aladdin, The Lion King, you-get-what-I-mean Disney. 
You know what really annoys the crap out of me? It's when people use ':)' specially where it is not required! I mean why the eff does every idiot on the planet feel the need to add a ':)' after every stupid sentence. The conversation on facebook, say for example, could go something like:
Idiot 1: Hey, haven't you put on a little weight? :)
Idiot 2: Maybe..but I'm still thinner than you :)
Idiot 1: You say that again and I'm gonna beat the crap out of you with a bat and feed your mutilated body to the fish :)
Idiot 2: Fuck off fat assed cow :)
I mean what I'm trying to say is..JUST LAY OFF THE DAMN SMILEY! It looks perverted to begin with and every moron uses it to mock someone or the other most of the times. Do you smile after every sentence that comes out of your good for nothing mouth?! I don't think so...if yes, then you have a problem. Otherwise, stop acting like an idiot and lay off the damn smiley and the world will be a much better place. 

Saturday, 23 July 2011

How to avoid being a complete douche

The first issue that must be dealt with here is that of idiotic and illiterate so called male rockers who think they’re better than everybody else just because they’re dudes. Serious, no joke. I’ve actually come across this thread once on such a social networking site where a whole bunch of these phony, ignorant jackasses showed off just how manly they are. The topic of discussion started by one of these was “Women can’t rock” or something worthless along those lines. Why do people have to make a complete fool of themselves over something they obviously don’t know jack shit about? Oh yeah, I forget that’s what all those female rjs and vjs do for a living; wearing a Nirvana t shirt and having an eye brow piercing qualifies you to discuss and actually give your opinion on rock music.  But wait first we must deal with the men. If only I could find that thread and quote some of the awesome gems that were posted by some of these’d be a downright riot! Seriously, it would make me laugh like a hyena right about now. If you’re a guy and if you’re a douche, you’re also probably ignorant to the significant impact women have had on rock music. So educate yourself first you jackass before you call yourself a maggot. 

From the top of my head, I can think of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Grace Slick (of Jefferson Airplane), Melissa Ethridge, The Donnas, the girls of Heart, Janis Joplin, Sass Jordan, Alannah Myles, Morisette, Joan Baez (who can forget the awesome vibrato?), Tarja (of former Nightwish), Cindy Lauper – those are some women who affected rock music in a big way. Then there are others who weren’t as iconic (or maybe they were in Sao Paolo or something who knows) but bloody awesome just the same: Dolores (of The Cranberries), Christina Scabbai (of Lacuna Coil), Sharon Adel (of Within Temptation [Sharon’s very special to me]), Gwen Steffani (of No Doubt. I bloody hell hate the sell out she’s become now. I talk about her very early days with ‘Doubt when she was platinum blonde sporting Adidas track suits and a bindi. She probably still is a platinum blonde for all I know), Amy Lee (yeah sod off. The woman can sing her head off better than you), Courtney Love (of Hole. Yeah so she may have murdered Cobain but she affected a lot of idiotic, phony people who thought she could sing. Still, some of Hole’s stuff has some good lyrics and that’s no surprise since it was rumoured that Cobain wrote and helped her with the music), Sheryl name a few. Even A Perfect Circle had a female bassist and Gilby Clarke of GNR played bass with possibly the best band on the planet: Heart. There are numerous such examples which these douche bags are ignorant of. Anyway, who the fuck cares who influenced rock music more anyway?! It’s music and it’s awesome so shut the fuck up moron and just enjoy it or commit suicide or whatever. 

Anyway, in recent times, I’ve found myself to be obsessed with Paramore and The Pretty Reckless (who knew a dumb blonde on Gossip Girl could be this talented?) Both bands are incredible and both are totally underrated. Why don’t they get more airtime on TV rather than stupid shit like Ciarra, Akon, 50 cent? Wait, are these people still around? I wouldn’t know honestly and I don’t really give a shit. But you get my drift.  It is sad to see the state of affairs of music these days thanks to these yo chums. Still, there is still some hope in Duffy, Amy Winehouse (if only she didn’t give a wibe of a hooker and wasn’t a junkie always high on God knows what) and Adele. 

Still, next time you decide to claim you’re all high and mighty and that the soul of Kurt Cobain or Jimmy Hendrix speaks to you, go and research and educate yourself before you make a total and complete fool of yourself. Or better yet, take a peek from that curtain of long, greasy hair you’re sporting and download some of these bands and check em out. By the way, I’m no feminist and I’m not a member of any women’s liberation front crap. Chicks are trouble and they ruin everything. I bet there are a million awesome bands that disbanded due to one thing: girls. So little advice for underground bands out there: Chicks ruin everything.  So don’t get involved with chicks, just listen to girl bands. Those are two totally different things you moron so get it right before she has you listening to Avril Lavigne and calling that rock n roll. 

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I’m sick and tired of reading up about politics and how messed up everything is in the world and okay honestly right now I’m on hold with PTCL and I got a woman operator which is just bullshit because she doesn’t know a damn thing! None of them know what the hell they’re doing anyway. This company is made up of monkey pissers who just piss the night away and end up calling themselves some sort of telecom internet providers. If you can’t bloody well provide anyone with what you claim to DO in the first place then call yourselves what you really are (MONKEY PISSERS INC) instead of PTCL! I just gave her a lot of bs in English (now she thinks I’m important) and she tried to respond in her cheap ass Liyari accent. Oh shut up. Yes I think I’m better than people in Liyari, you got a sad ass problem with that? Well shut the fuck up cause no one wants your stupid politically correct opinion anyway. And now I’ve officially derailed from the purpose of this blog...Oh yeah, so yeah yes the world’s screwed, deal with it, shut the fuck up and stop posting other people’s articles on your twitter, facebook, tumbler, google +, etc cause it doesn’t make you seem important or cool – just makes me wish you were dead.

Did I mention I’m gonna be writing about music?