Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I’m sick and tired of reading up about politics and how messed up everything is in the world and okay honestly right now I’m on hold with PTCL and I got a woman operator which is just bullshit because she doesn’t know a damn thing! None of them know what the hell they’re doing anyway. This company is made up of monkey pissers who just piss the night away and end up calling themselves some sort of telecom internet providers. If you can’t bloody well provide anyone with what you claim to DO in the first place then call yourselves what you really are (MONKEY PISSERS INC) instead of PTCL! I just gave her a lot of bs in English (now she thinks I’m important) and she tried to respond in her cheap ass Liyari accent. Oh shut up. Yes I think I’m better than people in Liyari, you got a sad ass problem with that? Well shut the fuck up cause no one wants your stupid politically correct opinion anyway. And now I’ve officially derailed from the purpose of this blog...Oh yeah, so yeah yes the world’s screwed, deal with it, shut the fuck up and stop posting other people’s articles on your twitter, facebook, tumbler, google +, etc cause it doesn’t make you seem important or cool – just makes me wish you were dead.

Did I mention I’m gonna be writing about music?

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