Sunday, 16 October 2011

I'm in the business of misery

I really can't express enough how much I love Hayley Williams of Paramore. Thank God for Paramore! Looking at the shit that the music industry is churning out these days - really it's nice to know there's some talent still left. Paramore reminds me of the earlier No doubt - before Gwen Steffani decided to become a sell out whore and ruin 'Doubt single handedly (oh how I miss Tragic Kingdom and Return of Saturn!) Anyway, Hayley's just awesome (God I wish I had her flaming orange hair!) In my opinion Paramore is still underrated! I mean seriously, why the fuck are people like Nikki-candy-floss-hair-Minaj on the charts anyway?! Someone choke her by stuffing her own fake eye lashes down her throat please. Or Pitbull - the name alone should make you want to slap the shit out of someone. You wanna name a band or you want a cool name for ffs sake don't call yourself 'Pitbull'

So if you've never heard of Paramore or if you've heard some shit but aren't really convinced - well then you know what you are. That's right. A douche. There's a particular sequence you need to follow when listening to new music - you can't just randomly pick up a song and listen to it. You won't learn a thing. That's not how discovering a band works.

Start with

1) Decode - Particularly the Green room version to experience the real power of Paramore She's barely - what? 17, 18 years old here! This version is one of my absolute favorites - even if it's about a gay vampire. She'll make you love him - she's THAT good

2) When It Rains - kay, one of the best rain songs (after Fleetwood Mac's Dreams and Garbage's I'm Only Happy When It Rains)- specially this live version. It's probably not one of their bigger songs but I love it so much - hits a chord. And her Little Mermaid tee is adorable.

3) Crushcrushcrush - I'm feeling a little mellow/emo with the songs i listed on top. Anyway, this is more upbeat and how stupid I can't find the official music video on youtube (love the video for this song) Stupid. Check this out anyway, it's just as good:

4) All I wanted -  listen to 2:40 - 2:46. Enough said.

5) The Only Exception -

Start with these and then slowly move on. They have some awesome covers that are worth checking out like Use Somebody by Kings of Leon and Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2.

I've given up hope that one day all these rappers will be stoned to death in public. Instead I'm going to focus more on the awesomeness that is Paramore. It would serve you right to do the same.

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